Here’s one for you,

“How many eggs will you put in your basket before you buy a bigger basket?”

Weird question, right? Yes, but it’s supposed to make you stop and think. The usual response I get is along the lines of,

“What sort of question is that? You work in telecoms, why are we talking about chickens and eggs?”

Well, clearly, this is a thought exercise. Usually, it stops a client in their tracks while I explain the purpose of it, which is exactly the point here.

And yes, of course the client is correct. I know nothing of farming chickens or eggs. I don’t even know which would come first, but I suppose that’s true for us all.

So, let’s get metaphorical.

What if I asked you, “How many systems and processes would you migrate over to your existing data connection before you invested in a better one?”

And with my best Alan Partridge ‘Ah-Ha!’, the penny drops. But, even though you now understand the question, it doesn’t mean you can answer it or infer how the concept can be applied to your office equilibrium.

There’s probably maths involved. Complicated maths. The kind with more letters than numbers. When your day to day life consists of running a busy office, do you really have time to flex your algebraic muscles to satisfy some random consultant?

But, as ‘they’ say, ‘eggs is eggs’ and you know where you are with a basket full. You also know what happens if your basket breaks – everyone ends up with egg on their face. So, let’s talk about eggs and then you, the client, can draw your own conclusions.

Consider the facts.

First, eggs are getting bigger and the cyber-chickens are laying them faster and in greater numbers than ever before. This trend will not decrease either and it is reasonable to assume that your basket is going to fill up rapidly just trying to keep up with the others around you.

Second, most people’s baskets are modestly sized and, in all likelihood, have been gathering eggs for many years now. Probably have a few dents and holes – perhaps the handle’s on its last legs – but it still manages to carry eggs (barely), so the assumption is that it’s fine. Until it’s not, of course.

Third, everyone loves eggs. They are the new standard in the kitchen. No one is going to move away to a different product any time soon. Current projections are for eggs, eggs and more eggs long into the future.

Making sense yet?

Let’s translate. A lot of businesses continue to use a glorified residential broadband as their primary data source. It will run over copper wires, an ADSL line, and an SLA for response times that is measured in days. For an average family with a Netflix account, this is perfectly fine. For a modern, agile business, this simply won’t do.

Why? These ‘old faithful’s of the connectivity world were enough in the past and ‘all I do is send the odd email and scan the odd webpage… why would I ever need to upgrade?’

Simply put, times have changed. No modern business just ‘sends the odd email’ anymore.

It’s not that emails have gotten larger in file size, it’s more that your mechanism for sending those emails in the first place now exists solely in the cloud. And it’s in good company, because it’s probably bedfellows with your word processing program, your data storage program, your CRM and your accounts package, to name but a few.

Is the basket handle creaking yet?

What about the rest of your communications? Most new office telephone systems are now exclusively cloud based. Physical systems are still available (the old ‘box on the wall’) but the call traffic now runs over your data lines, along with the rest of your IT solutions.

You’re two hands on the basket now, trying to keep it stable.

And what of the future? If the recent changes in business relative to social distancing start to become the norm, things like remote working, online collaboration and video calling will become standard tools of the trade. These need data and most will have a minimum bandwidth requirement before they work properly.

Snap! There it goes and now the carpet has accents of chicken embryo adding to the aesthetic.

Do not despair. Before you go reaching for the carpet cleaner and Googling ‘basket weavers’, why not give us at GT a call? We are the telecoms eggheads for your modern, successful business.

You will find out that it doesn’t take much to get a bigger basket and the ongoing costs for this upgrade are not as pricey as you might have thought. Times have changed and advanced connectivity technology is now more widely available and at a more reasonable rate.

We can advise you on what connections are available in your area, which one is best for you and what guarantees you have should your service suffer an outage. We also manage the whole process for you from ordering right the way through to delivery of your new service, so all you need to do is wait and that big, shiny basket will be delivered to your office ready to hold all those precious eggs.


GT – Genuine Telecoms. Egg-sell-ent service and support as standard.