It’s true that classics remain classic.


My mother’s favourite film is ‘Mr Blandings Builds His Dream House’, starring Cary Grant, filmed in 1948. In all the years I have known her, this remains her favourite.

It was re-imagined in 1986 as ‘The Money Pit’, starring a young and funny Tom Hanks. Something of a sleeper hit, the scene where he breaks down is absolutely iconic.


It’s a simple story. A young couple buy a fixer-upper. They attempt to renovate it. However, no matter how much money and effort they put in, the house keeps going wrong and needing more work. They repair the wall, the ceiling falls in. They fix a leak and two more show up. You get the idea.


We’ve all been there, too. I can recall spending thousands on one of my first cars, which was only worth about £500 at the time, trying to get it to keep going for just a few more miles. It starts to go beyond a money thing and into a whole new dynamic of frustration, dedication, aggression and optimism. You start anthropomorphising and before you know it your angst has become part of the family. Old Bessie, you are missed.


This same scenario was mentioned to me during a recent prospect interaction about their migration from ISDN to the Cloud. The meeting had begun, and we were fact-finding. After only a few minutes, the comparison to Mr Blandings leapt out at me.


Their office has used a few channels of ISDN for their communications since the Ark touched down. It’s all he knows. Now, BT are threatening to pull the plug on ISDN by 2025, so he has to migrate to a new solution.


He knows he needs connectivity to the office to make the solution work. He thought his ADSL Broadband would do the job.

It won’t. He barely gets enough bandwidth to keep his emails flowing. He has to upgrade. That costs money.


He knows he needs something called SIP trunks to ‘make calls over the internet’. He thought he could use his existing lines for this.

He can’t. He’s on ISDN. He needs decent bandwidth for the SIP trunks, which is a new order. That also costs money.


He knows he needs new handsets for the Cloud solution. He thought he could buy them from Amazon and just plug them in.

That won’t work. They won’t be properly configured. Plus, there is no CAT V in his premises, so he has no where to plug them in. He needs cabling throughout. That costs money too.


He’s now at the end of his rope and can’t seem to see the promised land. He referred to the Cary Grant classic by means of comparison and I laughed.


I then pointed out that, in both movies (spoiler alert), they got there in the end. The journey was a nightmare, but the end result was a picture book house that any other home owner would be jealous of. In short, it was worth it.

He may feel now that the end result simply isn’t achievable. However, there are many different routes to the Promised Land and GT has travelled all of them more than once. No cables? We could implement a wireless solution. Don’t want the hassle of sorting SIP trunks? We could host the number in the cloud for you. Connectivity concerns? GT is also a connectivity provider and can recommend the best services. Never fear, we will get you there.


And that is the reason GT actively promotes our new Jeff solution. We know it’s tough to migrate, but we’ll be there with you every step of the way to guide you down the right path, helping you realise the benefits and savings of a modern, IP communications platform.


Give GT a call and let us help you build your dream.


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