In the last 10 years, the CRM market has grown significantly. In 2008, only 12% of businesses adopted the use of one – now, the latest statistics show that over 90% of businesses with more than 11 employees are using a CRM daily.

The software has continued to evolve in recent years, with 87% of the platforms now being cloud-based. Due to their increasing popularity, it’s vital to integrate the CRM with other services, like CMS, email marketing software and, most importantly, communications systems, to help make operations run smoother.

Here’s our top 5 reasons why integrating your CRM with your communications solution is one of the best decisions for any business.

  1. Enhance customer care

When a call comes in from a customer, contact or prospect whose information is stored on the system, the CRM record pops up on the screen instantly. Not only does this help save time in the discovery phase of the call, it also allows staff to begin processing orders, noting actions and initiating business processes based on the needs of the caller.

  1. Improve business efficiency

Integrating communications and CRM allows your business to keep all vital business information in one place. This means your team have access to all documents, email and customer data on a single platform, helping to enhance productivity and improve overall efficiency. What’s more, it also enables better personalisation and accuracy than when they exist in silo.

  1. Saving Time

Repetitive tasks, like sending reminder emails can be easily automated via your CRM. Using templates allows your team to be consistent with messaging, whilst also saving a lot of time writing lengthy emails. Additionally, click to dial functionality saves precious time in finding and entering customer phone numbers, eliminates misdials and helps to deflect unwanted calls.

  1. Cost Savings

The system finds customer records and database files for you, meaning calls can be completed quicker. Just a few seconds saved on each call can create big cost savings for your business and ensures a smarter work environment.

  1. Mobility and collaboration

Cloud-based CRM systems help to increase your businesses mobility by allowing teams to collaborate with ease and access the same, up to date customer information no matter where they are.

Features of CRM Integration from Glamorgan Telecom

  • Call Preview; display the caller’s name in the preview or phone window when a match is found in the integrated application.
  • Contact Popping; Click the applications icon in the phone or preview window and the caller’s contact record is displayed directly in the source of the application.
  • Contact Searching; Enables you to search many supported CRM’s, as well as the built-in shared address book, and click to dial from the results.
  • Click to Dial; Makes it possible to dial directly from the application.
  • UCS Client; Compliments remote working in a cloud environment.

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