Everywhere I go these days, people are chirping about the ‘Customer Experience’. However, no two voices are alike. It’s become so mercurial that almost anything can contribute towards it (or detract from it) depending on the business strategy employed. As such, I find a lot of it just washes over me.

So, let’s have a go at understanding it better. I know comms, so I’ll stick to that side of it.

To me, the Customer Experience relates to the manner in which the supplier interacts with the potential customer base. The best CX is when a supplier communicates in the manner preferred by the consumer.

The most popular mode of business communications has progressed from face-to-face (the old guard), to telephone (the boomers) and now to email (the millennials), with each step in the process adding distance between the two interested parties.

This shows us that the modern professional is comfortable keeping others at arms’ length. Their preferred Customer Experience is one that puts space between ‘us’ and ‘them’.

As such, you, the potential supplier, collaborator or customer, will need to accept and adapt to this approach in order for business to succeed.

You’ll need to ensure your online presence is an open house for the various methods of communication in the market, from voice and emails to IM and video. You need to accept that a phone call may go unanswered and you may need a chat option on your website instead to pique the DM’s interest. Likely, you won’t be presenting that quote, but emailing it across instead, so does your copy hold up to scrutiny without your accompanying narrative?

And, crucially, you need to make sure your organisation is digital savvy. All of these changes above necessitate a strong data connection – your ability to interact with the online world is an essential requirement to conducting business today. Your emails need to be reliable, your chats uninterrupted, your face-time resolution sharp and consistent.

GT can help you. No matter how you choose to interact with the digital world, whether via mobile handsets, tablets, laptops or PCs, GT can connect you. Our data connections are strong and stable so all you have to worry about is the spelling on your latest email or which emoji you use. Why not call us to find out more?

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