While the true cost of downtime varies from business to business, the consequences will always be the same. When phone systems go down customer service, reputation and revenue are all put at risk.

With the majority of disaster-related downtime stemming from hardware failure, modernising your voice and data infrastructure is vital for guaranteeing business continuity. Making the decision to migrate your communications to the cloud will afford your business the agility and adaptability it needs to thrive, not only replacing outdated ISDN technology but simplifying your telephony setup and protecting your organisation from the unnecessary pressures of a communication breakdown.

When it comes to gaining peace of mind for your business, hosted telephony is the clear choice. If you’re still not convinced, keep reading to find out what our experts have to say.

1. Unscheduled downtime can happen for a number of reasons and when your team relies on the telephone lines to do their job, it can become extremely costly when they’re unavailable. By upgrading to a hosted platform your numbers are held in the cloud, meaning they remain accessible even when your office isn't. So, no more disruptions for your customers!

2. The platform and all its features are available via any device, ensuring your team can carry on making and taking calls remotely. Not only does this allow your business to continue functioning in the event of an office closure, but it makes flexible working a reality on a day-to-day basis.

3. By giving you the ability to reroute, divert or queue calls remotely, cloud-based platforms greatly enhance call control. Plus, you can even add automated messages to keep your customers informed of any delays or changes to service.

4. Migrating to the cloud will also see you benefit from integrated call reporting. This provides the business with an intelligent insight into the performance of your systems, allowing you to anticipate and prepare for any possible problems.

5. Finally, because the platform is hosted in the cloud and accessed via an external web portal, there is no need to continuously upgrade or maintain hardware. Software updates are also performed automatically in response to market changes, ensuring you always have access to the latest technology.

To find out more about hosted telephony and how it can enhance your disaster recovery plan, get in touch with one our experts today.