From 5G to digital transformation, 2018 has seen a definite transition to a more digital-focus in the workplace. So, with the end of the year upon us, Glamorgan Telecom are taking a look at five of the top technology predications for the year ahead and how businesses might be impacted.

1. 5G

5G has been a hot topic for a while and it seems this major leap in the mobile space will finally become a reality during 2019. Whilst 5G promises impressive new capabilities its initial rollout next year, driven by EE, will focus on enhancing mobile capacity and data performance to provide users with more reliable, consistent connections. Plus, we’ll also begin to see the first 5G-enabled handsets beginning to hit the market.

2. IoT

5G advancements will also drive developments in mainstream IoT in businesses of all sizes. As well as this, it’s predicted that we may even begin to see the emergence of so-called ‘smart cities’ that integrate sensors, cameras and artificial intelligence infrastructures to operate whole urban areas, including services and transport.

3. Digital Transformation

More and more businesses will be embarking on digital transformation journeys throughout 2019, adopting systems and processes that enable a smarter way of working. Artificial intelligence (AI) is predicted to be a driving force with businesses large and small getting to grips with what it and can’t do.

The most popular uses for AI throughout 2019 will focus on increasing efficiencies, informing future business decisions and streamlining processes, with those that embrace the technology likely to reap the rewards of competitive advantage.

4. Cloud Technology

Cloud-based technology will continue to be adopted throughout 2019, enabling organisations to take control of their systems and processes. Increasingly, businesses will rethink their traditional approach, removing outdated hardware and instead opting for hosted services, including telephony, that enable greater mobility in response to user demands.

5. Flexible working

Fuelled by the increase in cloud-based systems and the rise of mobility, flexible working practices, including remote working and hot-desking, are fast becoming the norm, whilst the 9-5 seems increasingly outdated. This trend shows no signs of slowing down throughout 2019 with employees reporting higher levels of productivity, morale and job satisfaction as a result of a better work-life balance.

Next year is set to be another momentous year in response to technology trends. The question, how will your business adapt?