“Show me the way to go home.”

Ah, those were the days. In the before-times, this tuneless refrain was heard all over town at kicking-out time. The original was scored nearly 100 years ago and yet, by some curious magic, everyone still seems to know the words. Well, most of them anyway.

Like a good football chant, there is a context in which this song is inevitable – put enough drunk people in one place and you’re guaranteed to be covering your ears against it before too long.

Now, thanks to an amazing 2020 (ahem), that inevitable homeward journey is becoming a feature of the modern business. Again, people may not know all the words, but it doesn’t stop them from joining the choir.

When I started in the world of work, the notion of ‘working from home’ was comical. Business, or at least the kind of business I was introduced to, took place in an office. The only people that worked from home were housewives (please understand that this was some time ago when that term still existed) and door-to-door salesmen with a penchant for vacuum cleaning.

The internet did exist (I’m not that old) and so did mobile telephones (aka Nokia bricks), but no one had been able to join up the dots to allow remote working to exist. Many systems and resources required to do your job were held on site, on a physical piece of hardware, which forced your hand somewhat. Plus, most customer files would have been paper-based and fax machines usually messed up the document beyond recognition whilst in transit, so, like ‘Nam, ‘you had to be there’.

Today, the battleground looks very different. Workhorse PCs have been replaced by thin clients. Servers don’t have their own rooms anymore and instead live in the cloud. Applications are no longer purchased but subscribed to. Mobile telephones are so advanced they know what you had for breakfast last week and paper files are treated as nothing more than a fire risk.

So, working from home is now possible and, in respect to the current climate, desirable. How do you as a modern, agile business make this achievable?

You start by calling GT. Communication is the lifeblood of business and the more distance that separates the parties involved, the more advanced your solution needs to be. I’m getting out my ‘dead horse flogging stick’ now as I reiterate once again that communication is most effective when face-to-face with your fellow participants. But, if that’s not possible, then at least make it easy to use and manage.

If only there was a device or an app that would allow you to take advantage of the functions of your telephone system, whilst at the same time being based anywhere you need to be in the country… That would make communication so simple it would almost take care of itself… All those users clamouring for remote working could have their cake and eat it…

And guess what? GT have the solution. Not only that, we have the expertise to advise you on how best to take advantage of the available technology for your unique circumstances. Every business is different and our solutions are highly adaptable to accommodate for this. So, give us a call and see for yourself.

GT – Genuine Telecoms.