Although the move towards cloud-based technologies is inevitable, implementing hosted telephony is not without its challenges. With so many factors to consider, the transition from a traditional, on-premise system can be a daunting task for any organisation, no matter the size or function.

One major concern holding businesses back from moving to the cloud is the question of security. At GT, we’re confident that our cloud-based solutions can be just as, if not more, secure than a traditional system. Keep reading to find out why.

What is hosted?

Rather than the physical ‘black box’ within your office, a hosted system, as the name suggests, is hosted in the cloud. Access to the system is gained via an IP handset, softphone or mobile device.

Our hosted systems come packed full of the latest call reporting and monitoring features and, because they’re managed via an external web portal, the level of control you retain is unrivalled.    

Secure & Simple

The most obvious way for hackers to gain access to your hosted system is by guessing weak login details. So, first and foremost, it’s important to implement strong passwords for the platform.  

At GT, we’re proactive in the fight against fraud. Our expert engineers will remove any default passwords upon setup of your new system, replacing them with solid, unique authentication. We also undertake regular system reviews, while also ensuring the rights to connect to the system outside of the local network is restricted to only those that need it.

Monitoring & Management

When it comes to hosted telephony, real-time monitoring is an important aspect of security. Many companies won’t know they’ve been breached until it’s too late to do anything. That’s why we use effective monitoring and reporting tools that detect intrusion as soon as it occurs, mitigating the impact of cybercrime on your business.

Hosted vs PBX

If you’re currently running a physical system, you could be missing out on a variety of innovative security features, not to mention efficiency, communication and cost-saving capabilities.

Often the operating systems are not updated when new security vulnerabilities become known, leaving your business open to some serious security holes. Not only will this affect the system itself but it can also leave you open to attacks on the network as a whole.

A hosted platform offers a full range of voice and communication services, all fully hosted and supported by us to ensure the utmost reliability and security. Here’s a few more reason why we think a hosted solution is the right choice for your business:

  • No PBX maintenance costs
  • Make changes, move and additions instantly
  • Free site-to-site calls
  • Manage your own calls and facilities
  • Unrivalled voice quality
  • Disaster recovery as standard
  • Enable flexible and remote working practices

To find out more about hosted telephony, or to book your free of charge consultation, get in touch with one of the team today! We’d love to hear from you.