What is Digital Transformation?

Put simply, Digital Transformation is the evolution of business through technology and innovation with the overarching aim to improve operations.  As any modern business knows, change is the key to success, so it comes as no surprise that the adoption of a digital transformation strategy should be top of the agenda.

There are many factors that contribute to successful digital transformation, mobility being one of the most significant. Communication and collaboration plays a critical role within businesses; it’s how we make decisions, develop new products and understand how to better our customers’ experience. Making these decisions requires collaboration with the right people as quickly as possible, regardless of their location, which is why the adoption of mobile devices is critical to success in the modern world.  

Why Mobility?

Mobility can take a variety of forms. Some examples are as simple as ensuring that a website is mobile-friendly, on the other hand more advanced cases include the creation and implementation of applications to support team collaboration.

As we see continued improvements in communications, it’s clear that mobility is not something that applies to only field-based employees, like the salesforce, it now includes all manner of jobs. Workers no longer want to be tied to their desks and, as smartphone usage continues to rise, having secure access to business information and applications via a mobile device is critical for the efficient running of any organisation.

Mobility allows you to create a seamless experience, not only in terms of internal communication, but also with your customers. In the digital age, customers require an increasingly fast response to questions and queries and having the ability to service their needs whilst on the move helps to keep your business ahead of the competition.

How do you adopt Mobility within you business?

Embracing business-integrated mobility solutions as part of your digital transformation strategy won’t just make your organisation more agile, it also presents plenty of employee benefits. It gives your team the freedom to work from anywhere, across devices, ensuring they never miss business calls or messages when they’re away from the office. Plus, with innovative, real-time collaboration software, users can fully utilise the features of unified communications, including voice calls, SMS and video conferencing, whether they’re on a laptop, mobile or tablet.

At GT, mobility is a key feature in the solutions we provide, including the iPECS UC solution, which offers a secure way for your team to connect with each other. The iPECS platform and all its applications also support BYOD, helping companies and their users reduce costs, increase productivity and enhance customer experiences in a secure environment.

Why not get in touch with one of our experts to book your free of charge consultation and find out more about embracing mobility. You can also read our Digital Transformation eGuide to enhance your strategy.