I was allowed out last month. Permission was given for me to attend a little conference to brush up on the world of telephony. I sat next to a familiar face or two and began to start taking on the essential fluids that make the evening flow – both the red and the white kind – hoping to get my happy on before the speeches began.

Arriving late and sitting opposite us was a Japanese fellow, looking a little anxious. He hadn’t spoken a work since sitting down and was obsessed with some small bits of card he had in his hands. Keen to put him at ease, my erstwhile acquaintance addressed him, announcing loudly to the table, “YOU LIKE WINE?”, and gesturing with the bottle. Classic British – loud, simple, smiley.

The Japanese fellow just smiled politely and shook his head. My companion mutters something about ‘different cultures’ and I bury my head, trying to concentrate on de-shelling a stubborn langoustine.

The speeches arrive and, with some measure of surprise, our Japanese friend abandons his cue cards and makes his way to the podium. After introducing himself as the tech lead for a Global Technology partnership, what followed was a polished speech, brim-full of wit and epigram. Returning to his chair post-speech, accompanied by deafening applause, the Japanese man pats my friend on the back and bellows, “YOU LIKE SPEECH?”

For all of us that get it wrong occasionally, this must resonate something fierce. It is important to remember here that the whole thing could have been avoided with just a little bit more information. Had my compatriot seen the table plan or the place cards, the table would have been robbed of one of the best laughs since Brian Blessed went overboard on nitrous oxide.

What you need is a guide, a chaperone, who can shepherd you through the valley of ignorance. Someone who can fill in the gaps in your understanding and allow you to make the best decisions.

And guess what? When it comes to communications, you need look no further than GT.

When we partner with a business, we don’t just want to supply you with a fantastic, industry leading telecoms solution, we also want you to understand what it is that you are buying. We simplify the text, translate the acronyms and de-mystify the jargon. Then, when the system is installed, you know everything about it and are confident that it will do the job.

Simple, transparent, GT – Genuine Telecoms.