Two men stand on top of the Empire State Building.

A third man walks towards them, apparently walking across the clouds.

The first man reacts with alarm and shouts across to the third one, asking how it is possible that he is standing on clouds.

“Oh, it’s simple.” He says, “These clouds are special. Sturdier than the others. Not many people know that.”

“Could I try it?” Asks the first man.

“Oh, sure!” Replies the third man, “Just jump over the rails and join me.”

The first man jumps over, lands on the cloud, passes through it and falls to his death on the street below.

The second man remarks, “Not cool, Superman, not cool.”


Have you ever been on the receiving end of a sales pitch that emphasises the resilience and stability of a cloud solution, but still worry that you will end up plummeting to your doom once you sign up?


After all, the cloud is nothing new, so there should be no reason to fear migrating across, right?


Well, unlike our comedic example above, we live in the real world. A world where technological advances are commonplace and business decisions are based on a supplier’s ability to meet increasingly demanding customer requirements for cost, efficiency, service levels and more. If a solution presents itself that appears to meet (and in some cases exceed) these expectations, you would expect any business to want to grab it with both hands.


Such is the expectation with cloud solutions, and yet some companies still cannot bring themselves to consider it as an option.




Some believe this is down to a lack of understanding of how a cloud solution works. Some attribute it to a lack of faith in the available solutions, perhaps because there are very few well known providers. For some, it’s cultural; for others, it’s traditional; for the rest, it’s, “Come back to me in a week when I can get my head around it.”


How ever they get there, it’s clear that people still believe they will embrace the cloud and then fall right through it.


At GT, we want to challenge that belief.


Glamorgan Telecom has been around for 25 years. We don’t just understand cloud hosted solutions, we’re on a first name basis with them. We know the challenges and we know the pitfalls; when you step out on a GT cloud, we know it will hold your weight and the weight of your business.


When you partner with us, you benefit from all our knowledge and expertise. You don’t need to spend time getting your head around the cloud and putting off your migration indefinitely. Our experts will give you the answers you need so you can move across and start benefitting from a new approach to your office communications today.


So, the next time someone turns up pretending to be Superman and extolling the virtues of the cloud, challenge them by giving GT a call. Our guys don’t need capes to be heroes and we’ll still save the day. And maybe your wallet too.