Are your call handling scripts up to scratch? Is your customer service hitting the mark? Are your team missing sales opportunities? Our Call Recording software provides the perfect answer to these all-important questions.

Call recording is a powerful tool for any business. Not only does it highlight potential marketing opportunities and training needs, it also ensures your brand shines bright on every call.

Our software enables you to capture, store and replay every telephone conversation that comes in and out of your business, allowing you to carefully monitor the call handling process and comply with government legislation at the same time.

The system is easily accessible via a desktop application and calls are available at the touch of a button. With this level of control, you can sharpen your customer service delivery, support your team on challenging calls and coach them to greater success.

What you get with GT

  • Monitor your team’s performance and identify potential training opportunities
  • Enhance customer interaction
  • Protect against potential disputes
  • Replay calls to improve accuracy when it comes to recording important details