Our smart Call Reporting software works with your system to monitor calls on every level. Browser-based and mobile-optimised, you’re simply one click away from searching, storing and reporting on your inbound and outbound call logs.

Fully customisable dashboards collate your specific call data, providing you with the reports you need to make informed operational decisions. Abandoned calls, unreturned calls and time to answer can be shown in real time allowing you to recover any missed opportunities, while maximising control over your call handling processes.

Call reporting will also highlight focus areas that could help your business work smarter and faster. By using it to clearly define your peak periods, the software ensures you always have enough team members available to deliver a premium service to your customers.

What you get with GT

  • Key performance metrics that allow you to monitor your team’s performance and identify trends
  • Rapid recovery of missed calls, minimising lost opportunities
  • Manage and optimise line capacity and allocate staff according to call volumes
  • Understand where your calls are coming from to make more informed marketing decisions