Integrating your office telephone system with your desktop computer, our innovative Click to Dial software is a necessity for enhancing your levels of customer service.

Working in unison with your customer database, Click to Dial enables both you and your team to make and take calls with the simple click of a mouse. When customers dial in their database record will pop onto your screen, providing you with important account details to give a personal touch to your calls. Not only does this help build a relationship with the customer, it also means you can begin servicing their needs immediately to save valuable time.

Additionally, Click to Dial software provides you with the information you need to recover and return missed calls quickly. It also enables you to monitor staff availability, direct calls to colleagues and dial contacts directly from your customer database, Outlook contact list and web pages.

What you get with GT

  • At-a-glance call history
  • Screen popping of customer records as they dial in
  • Customisable, quick search contact lists for colleagues, clients and suppliers
  • Automatic web browser search for contacts not stored in your database