At Glamorgan Telecom, we’re passionate about keeping you connected. Our cloud solutions promise to simplify your communications infrastructure and enhance performance by combining the essential features of an office-based telephone system with the increased efficiency of the cloud.

Our cloud solutions come packed full of the latest call reporting and monitoring features and, because they’re managed via an external web portal, you’re in complete control of your communications. Software updates are performed automatically, not only eliminating costly hardware maintenance fees, but guaranteeing you always have access to the latest technology to keep you ahead of the competition.

Transitioning your on-premise phone system to the cloud couldn’t be simpler. As the leading experts in hosted communications, Glamorgan Telecom will take you through all aspects of this emerging technology and make sure the solution is right for you.

If you're looking for the freedom to work from anywhere, but still enjoy the power and function of your business phone system, visit Talk To Jeff by Glamorgan Telecom.


What you get with GT

  • Transparent billing on a cost per user basis with no hidden costs
  • Scalability that allows users to easily add or remove users according to requirements
  • Innovative call handling and management features
  • Cost effective call bundles to control communication costs
  • Built-in disaster recovery to minimise downtime
  • Integration with Outlook and CRM systems
  • Mobile application that give remote workers full access to the platform, regardless of location