At Glamorgan Telecom, we use cookies throughout our website to enhance your online experience.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small data files that are stored in your computer or mobile browser after visiting a website or app. Cookies house your user preferences, however they do not tell us your personal information, this is only provided to us if you choose to fill in one of our online enquiry forms or contact boxes.

How do we use them?

Some of the cookies we used are essential to the function of our website. We also use non-essential cookies for two purposes; analytics and advertising.

Our analytics cookies help us track information to find out how our website is being used and the pages that are most popular. This allows us to understand user behaviour and enables us to report on performance in order to make improvements to our content and enhance the overall user experience.

We also use cookies for advertising purposes. These cookies help us to deliver relevant advertisements across search and display networks and track their performance. Should you click through to our website via one of our adverts, a cookie will be placed on your browser. This cookie displays a unique telephone number that allows us to track the success of our advertising campaigns. This cookie will remain on your browser for a period of six months.

What you can do

You have the ability to accept or decline the use of non-essential cookies. If you grant consent to our use of cookies, they will be stored on your browser for a period of up to two years, after which we will ask for your consent again. If you choose to decline our use of cookies, your experience of our website will be limited and some of the features may not operate as designed.

If you change your mind about cookies, you can remove them at any time by clearing your browsers’ cache.