Located in the north of Cardiff, Llandaff North Medical Cetre is committed to providing the very best in patient care and support to promote good healthcare and wellbeing, no matter what your medical condition. 


The surgery's main concern was to improve the reliability of their communication system in order to improve customer service levels. With confidentiality and patient care top of the agenda, the need for call recording software as well as auto-attendant and voicemail services was paramount, allowing staff more time to concetrate on patient welfare whilst streamlining the communication procedures.


To install a new telephone system to improve communications

To implement auto-attendant to distribute and actively manage calls during peak times

To install a call recording solution to monitor call activity, ensuring both staff and patient welfare

To include night service messaging to direct and inform patients calling out of hours


With the installation of an innovative call recording and monitoring tool, Glamorgan Telecom have improved communication to enhance performance across Llandaff North Medical Centre. The ability to playback, evaluate and monitor calls has been vital in the improvement of standards across the surgery, helping staff deliver the highest levels of customer care. Patient calls are now answered quicker and directed successfully, improving customer satisfaction and increasing the team's efficiency during peak times.


"Glamorgan Telecom always advise on suitable solutions to advance the practice's communication. The introduction of a call recording solution has ensured the effective management and monitoring of all calls in and out of the business. If we ever have an issue, a local engineer is on site in no time, ensuring minimum disruption for the practice and demonstrating their understanding of our business needs. I frequently promote the services of Glamorgan Telecom to my colleagues in other surgeries."

James Morgan, Practice Manager