Music, Marketing or Messaging on Hold is an important tool for boosting engagement with your customers.

No one likes being on placed hold, but during your busiest times it can be unavoidable. This is where your hold function shines, allowing you to inform, assist and build rapport before you’ve even had a conversation with your customer.

It offers a simple yet effective tool to improve your overall service. Whether you want to create a bespoke comfort message to reassure the customer, or use it to direct them to alternative resources that might help them get their query answered faster.

Furthermore, it provides the perfect advertising stream for your business. You can change your recordings whenever necessary to promote seasonal or one-off promotions as well as giving your customers a feel for your brand.

From marketing to night service messaging, auto attendant to music, our experts can assist with scripts, sound files and even supply voice recordings to help you accurately direct your calls and improve wait times.

What you get with GT

  • Assisted script writing and voice recording
  • Lower perceived call waiting times
  • Minimise abandoned calls and lost opportunities
  • Maximise customer engagement