At Glamorgan Telecom, we provide your business with the tools you need to make communication simple. Our intelligent mobility applications are designed to integrate mobile devices with desk phones, giving your team the freedom to work away from their desks yet remain connected to emails, calls and business processes.

Our mobile applications are equipped with high-performance voice connections to improve contactability when you’re on the move, turning your smartphone into an extension of your office phone. Any calls that come through to your extension will ring through to your mobile device automatically, eliminating missed calls and enabling you to remain in touch with clients and colleagues.

We also provide key call handling features like transfer, conference, hold and forward. Plus, because it integrates with the office phone system, caller ID is displayed for anyone stored in your company and mobile address books, with the ability to distinguish between mobile and VoIP calls. 

What you get with GT

  • Flexibility and freedom to streamline your communications
  • Enable hot-deskers, home workers and people on the move to access the same features as office-based staff
  • Never miss a call again, whether you're at your desk, on the road or working remotely
  • Answer, transfer, hold and park calls from your mobile device