With TeamViewer QuickSupport, we can remotely connect to your computer within seconds without the need for you to install any software. Simply click the button below to get started and our Engineer will talk you through the rest over the phone.



The Solution

At Glamorgan Telecom, we use TeamViewer as an online tool which gives us the ablity to control your computer remotely. We can provide technical support for everything from your business telephone system and mobile devices to your software and applications, and we can do all this as if we are sat at your workstation with you!

The key benefits to our Remote Support and Remote Access are:

  • Remote Support – no need for any installation on the customer side
  • Remote Administration – 24/7 access to remote computers and servers
  • Remote Access – access to your data and applications, anytime

Further Assistance

For further information or assistance, please get in touch with us using the callback form below.